Couple Each Working Seventy Hours A Week To Survive Security Camera Captures Moment They Win 200 Grand

Have you ever won money from a scratch-off game? If you have, chances are your winnings never totalled much. So there he was, struggling to make ends meet. It was just a typical day.

Thankfully things had mostly turned around for him.He had a place to live now and a nice girl. In fact they had plans to get married, they just didn’t have the means.

Now, things are more than a little different.

In 2017, Jordan Ross, who was formerly home-less, and his fiancée Jayde Hicks walked into a store called Lucky Charm. They presented the store clerk with their scratch-off ticket and waited to learn if they won any money. A security camera captured the moment the struggling couple learned their lives were about to change.

That’s because Jordan Ross just won $200,000! The native of Perth, Australia literally hit the lottery. The reaction of Ross and his fiancée, Jayde Hicks, is probably what most people’s reaction would be.

As he told 7 News, “She just cr-ied, he’s been crying — non-stop crying.

We both have they haven’t discussed everything yet, but do know that they can now have that wedding they’ve been dreaming about. He wants to help his family too. Like you’ve seen in nearly every movie about a kid who gets some money quickly, he has plans to buy his mother a new car.

He’s a good son, right? He also wants to use some of the money for schooling so that he can get himself a good job. It certainly seems like a good, practical decision.

As for Hicks, she ran right out and made a quick purchase with the winnings.

She bought a vacuum cleaner! Her choice of purchase says a lot doesn’t it? These two would not be faulted for going a little wild with their winnings after struggling financially for so long.Instead though they stayed practical, sensible, putting love and family first.

These types of stories always bring about the same sorts of questions.

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