Son Dressed Up To His 60-Year-Old Mother To Pass Driving Test- Video

  • Son attempted to dress up as his 60-year-old mother to pass driving test for her
  • Maria Schiave had already failed her test three times when her son stepped in
  • His plan backfired after driving examiner grew suspicious of his awkwardness

A devoted son has been caught dressing up as his 60-year-old mother so he could pass her driving test for her in Brazil.

Maria Schiave, from Porto Velho, in the country’s north, had failed her test three times before son Heitor took matters into his own hands.

 The 43-year-old allegedly impersonated his mother by dressing up in women’s clothes on Tuesday to sit the fourth attempt on her behalf.

Donning full make-up with painted red nails, a floral blouse and long flowing skirt and his hair blow-dried into a soft feminine style, the car mechanic looked every inch the part.

He nearly fooled the driving test examiner until his elaborate plan backfired and she decided to double check his ID after growing suspicious of his awkwardness as a woman, large hands and unusually high-pitched voice.

Aline Mendonça, an examiner for Rondonia’s State Traffic Department (Detran), told police: ‘His disguise didn’t register as unusual at first because I had just finished testing my fifth candidate so was a little distracted.

‘However, when I got into the car and sat down beside who I thought was the provisional driver, I quickly realised this was a man dressed as a woman.

‘He was doing his best to be feminine and as natural as possible. His make-up was really well done and he looked extremely good.’

But Ms Mendonça wasn’t convinced and demanded proof.

She said: ‘I asked him to show me his identity to verify who he was and it was soon clear he was not the person who had booked to sit the test. I then called the police as his actions had to be reported as a crime.’

The driving inspector warned: ‘We operate a rigorous and high examining standard. People who think they can circumvent the rules to drive should think again.’

Nevertheless, the misguided son’s efforts have been hailed on social media as a ‘noble gesture’ with some commenting that he did it ‘out of love’ and they would do it for their mother too.

Others however condemned his actions, citing the risks a ‘three times failed’ unlicensed driver would pose on the road. Schiave faces charges of identity fraud and attempting to deceive a government body.

He has been released on bail while detectives open an investigation. A call to the suspect’s lawyer went unanswered.

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