Tristan Wilds Confirmed The Rumors That He And His Girlfriend Christina Are Going To Be Parents Soon

This year is seemingly one of Tristan Wilds’ (Mack Wilds) merriest Christmas. The  actor makes an exciting announcement in the holy moment, confirming the rumors that he and his girlfriend Christina Hammond are going to be parents soon. He posted a photo of himself wearing a “Father To Be” ribbon in addition to a picture of Tristan hugging up with his lady. “Aight, serious moment… Earlier this year, I was in a really dark place.

Honestly? I’d been there for a while,” he started writing on his Wednesday, December 25 post on Instagram, referring to him getting taken into cu*tody for driving with a suspended license back in June. “I dunno, i was just letting life take me wherever she may.” “I told God I needed a light. I needed a sign that I was supposed to be here, and that my presence here on earth was needed…Heard ju, God,” “The Wire” actor added.

“Thank you for this. Merry Christmas.”Lena Waithe was among the people who congratulate Tristan for his milestone. “Congrats bro!!!” LaLa Anthony also commented, “Love this fam. Congrats and merry Christmas. blessings!” Someone else wrote in the comment section, “Oh general and chief finna be an IMMACULATE great father believe so effortlessly. Love big bro!” Another fan added, “God bless you kid. I was there and I’ve been there for a while.

Still struggling through it but I know we’re blessed. Congratulations as well my dude much love.” Rumors of him and Christina expecting their first child together first sparked in August after someone found a baby registry with their names on it. Some of Christina’s friends reportedly confirmed the pregnancy news as they noticed that she has what appears to be a baby bump.

The baby registry page is now set private after the pregnancy news spread online, but some people who have got a chance to see it cla!m that Tristan and Christina seem to be expecting a daughter. Prior to this, the “Own It” h!tmaker was taken into cu*tody in late June for driving with a su-spended license in Manhattan’s East Village.

He was initially pulled over for excessive window tinting near East Houston Street and Avenue D. His license came back su-spended and he was charged with annoy!ng unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He also had an outstanding warrant for an unrelated inc!dent in his native Staten Island.

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