Emotional Father Gone Viral After Being Filmed While Singing To His Hearing Impaired Son – VIDEO

A father has gone viral after being filmed singing to his hearing-impaired son. Twenty-five-year old Zach Oxendine began blasting out the song ‘Boy’ by Lee Brice to his son Judah – who has cerebral pa-lsy, lung d!sease, and hearing problems. His dad’s got a set of pipes on him though, and when he hears him singing the song he gives him a big smile that would melt even the coldest heart.

It certainly did for Zach, who burst out cry!ng. It’s blo-ody adorable. The song has been special to him since Judah was born. His birth was not easy and he weighted under 2lbs and had ble*ding on his brain. His first six months of life were spent in the inte-nsive care unit and he’s had a load of operations but has managed to pull through on every occasion.Zach said: “Ever since the song !t the a!rw-aves, it’s been a song that I can relate to, as it explains the love between a father and his son.

“When I got the news that Judah would be having surgery and having a feeding tube placed in his stomach, I played the song over and over again – I cr!ed, but I then realized how strong he and I are, and that’s what lead me to sing it to him.”Usually, Judah reacts with a smile because he loves it when someone inte-racts with him, we tend to say he’s the happiest boy we’ve seen, despite all he’s been through.

“When he looked up at me, it was if he was saying everything was going to be okay this is just a sto-rm in life that will soon pass and we will one day be thankful for it – that’s what I got from that smile and I just couldn’t contain myself.”Born at just 23 weeks, Judah weighed 1lb 8ozs and was undergoing with bl*eding on both sides of his brain.Kept in inte-nsive care for six months, little Judah was subjected to a mu-ltitude of ope-rations and health scares, being d!agn-osed with cerebral palsy, lung d!sease and a hearing def!ciency in the process.

But ‘miracle’ Judah’s smile never-wa!vered, acting as a constant inspiration to his adoring dad.Zach said: “Every obstacle he has faced he has overcome and will continue to do so – he’s a real miracle.”Every obstacle he has faced he has overcome and will continue to do so – he’s a real miracle.”I can remember even when Judah was in the NICU he was smiling – since he was born and aware he was in the world, he’s never stopped smiling.”He has a heart of gold and can bring the toughest of men to tears.”

Judah might be hearing a lot more of the singing too – the family are hopeful that he will be able to get an implant which will make that possible.Zach explained: “We’re hoping to get Judah a Cochlear implant; it will be a huge step for him in his development.”He’s a very cur!ous little fella, he loves music.”He loves to be sung to as I feel like it really s*othes him, and with him not yet being able to communicate with the world, I feel like he expresses his feeling through the music that’s being s*ng to him.

“I’ve always thought what would it be like to be a singer, but I just hope to spread my son’s story and help to inspire someone else going through tough times. “That’s the whole reason we decided to share the video so that someone else might see it and receive hope.”

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