Priceless Moment Gone Viral Of Two Strangers Who Embraced Each Other At A Football Game

Every once in a while, between videos of people ranting about politics in the front seats of their pickup trucks and links getting shared suggesting something you’re eating will likely k!ll you, social media does a fantastic job of reminding us that we’re just human — and we’re all in this together.

A prime example of social media showcasing the good in people is a photo taken at a Georgia high school football game that quickly picked up steam on Facebook.

Star Balloon-Bradley wrote on her Facebook page that she was at a football game at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga., with her nephew, Isaiah, two weeks ago when he walked up to a woman and “sat on her lap.”

“They were talking like they knew each other,” Balloon-Bradley wrote. Their first meeting lasted all of 20 minutes, and then the woman had to leave at halftime to meet up with her daughter.

It wasn’t the last time the two would meet, though. Balloon-Bradley wrote that on Sept. 8, Isaiah saw the woman again, and he was quick to say hello. “Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, cra-wled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder. She welcomed him with open arms,” Bradley shared on Facebook.


Then, the woman, whom Balloon-Bradley identifies as Mrs. Angela, rocked Isaiah and pa-tted his back “like [she] had given birth to him.” While Balloon-Bradley was worried that her nephew was inconve-niencing Mrs. Angela, she quickly learned otherwise.

The woman, who is a mother herself to a 15-year-old daughter, told Balloon-Bradley that “moments like this are priceless.” After all, it won’t be long until Isiah is a teenager himself, maybe playing football on that very field, and too emba*rass-ed to be caught snu-ggling his mother, his auntie, or a new friend.

The touching moment between the two friends pu*led at the heartstrings of Isaiah’s mother, Thameka Miller, as well as Mrs. Angela herself.

“I thank God for this moment and the friendship that has been formed! Isaiah has such a pure heart and he has a gift of d!sce-rnment even at his young age! This truly brings tears to my eyes!” Miller is quoted as saying on the post.


Mrs. Angela shared in the post, “To God be all praise, glory, and honor! I have been overwhelmed with emotions today as I have read the post Star Balloon-Bradley shared. I am humbled by the kind words everyone has spoken. Isaiah is absolutely adorable!”

This Article First Published On YAHOO