Remember The Kid Ahmad From ‘Soul Food’ He Is Now 35 Years Old Man And His Looks Totally Changed

Remember the kid who played Vivica Foxx’s son “Ahmad” in the classic 90’s film, Soul Food? His name is Brandon Hammond and we were over here at the ILOSM office having one of our brainsto-rming sessions and his name was one of the first to come up. We figured we probably weren’t the only ones who want to know where this dude d!sappeared to after Soul Food, so we’ll feel you in.

After Brandon got his b*eak in his first film, Menace II Society, the g!gs started rolling in and soon he was the in high demand for any g!g that needed a great child actor. He had roles in Waiting To Exhale, Space Jam, Mars A*tack, and The Fan.

But his most well-known role was Soul Food and after he proved just how great of a child actor he was able to land a few more roles in the movie, Blue Hill Avenue, and on a few TV shows such as The West Wing, The Gregory Hines Show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Early Edition, Our America and Penn & Tellers Sin City Spe-ctacular. Then it seems as if his light just kind of fa-ded and we never saw this cat again.

So where is he? He’s around and he ain’t a kid anymore…

He’s a grown 35-year-old man. See what he looks like.

This is the new Brandon!

If it wasn’t for the beard he’d pretty much look the same way he did back in in ’97 though.

No films or TV shows from 2002

It would be great to see him back on the scene again because he was a he-ll of an actor.

We’ll never forget about the scene…

We’ll never forget about the scene toward the end of Soul Food where he cr!ed on cu-e at the family dinner and put all of the adults in check.

Brandon’s acting in that scene was priceless and it showed just how off the chain his acting skills were.

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