Mother, Daughter Build Cardboard Car To Drive To McDonald’s Serving Only Drive-thru Customers

These two are putting the “car” in cardboard.A mother and her daughter in Belgium were fo-rced to get creative after learning their local McDonald’s was only available for drive-thru customers — as are all McDonald’s in Belgium — because of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pande-mic.

Instead of letting this stop them from getting their beloved hamburgers, the mom and daughter duo, who do not have a car, simply got inventive.

Nathalie Moermans and her 16-year-old daughter Marie traveled the nearly 550 yards from their home in the city of La Louvière to their local McDonald’s in a cardboard “car.”

The fake car idea was originally Nathalie’s, though Marie soon started to help after getting over her initial “emb-arras-sment,” the mom told The Brussels Times.Nathalie and Marie decorated the “vehicle” with a COVID-19 license plate and notes informing other drivers that they just really wanted McDonald’s, the outlet reported.

“We had a bit of tro-uble taking it out of the house because it was too big for our front door, but once on the road, other cars h-onked at us, gave us thumbs-up from their windows and people stopped to take pictures,” Nathalie told The Brussels Times.

The odd pair even attracted attention from a police officer.“I told the policewoman that I didn’t have a car but that we wanted to get a meal, and I think only then she realized that we were inside a cardboard car and burst out laughing,” the mom said.

The photos of the car went viral on Facebook, earning thousands of reposts and comments, mostly from people leaving laughing emoji, or praising the two on their creativity.

Fortunately, the imaginative crew’s trip to the drive-thru was a success: They were indeed able to place and receive their order via the drive-thru window.

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