Distance Runner Sma-shes 100 Mile Record On The Treadmill In Lockdown – VIDEO

A distance runner trapped in lockdown decided he’d take on the challenge of attempting to break the world record for running 100 miles on a treadmill last Saturday (16 March).What’s more, Zach Bitter managed to bre-ak the record while subsisting only on a bag of cri-sps that he ate in the toilet during a br-eak.

Yes, his only solid food during the entire 12 hours and nine minutes that it took him to run one hundred miles on just a treadmill was a packet of crisps.That has got to take some stamina, not to mention me-ntal fortitude.Seriously, most of us can’t manage half an hour on the treadmill without getting bored or snapping a knee out of joint.

Anyway, Bitter is in the position of many athletes around the world, in that his entire 2020 season he’s spent ages building towards could be cancelled altogether by the pande-mic.

So, instead of whin-ging about it, he decided to set himself a new goal instead.

Using two treadmills in his home in Phoenix – because they switch off automatically after a certain amount of time – he achieved a remarkable time, smashing the previous record of 12:32:26 set in 2019 by Canadian athlete Dave Proctor.Speaking to Runner’s World after his achievement, he said: “I kept thinking, ‘what would be the closest thing to a 100 miler that I can do at home?’

“The treadmill seemed like something different, and I think it’s fun to go for something more out in left that you’re not comfortable with.”He began to change about his workouts in order to build up his treadmill skills, but the longest that he’d ever been on one in training was for 30 miles.

Thirty more miles than most of us could stick, let alone doing that more than three times over.That’s basically how he spent his last Saturday. Sprinting between two treadmills, only stopping to use the toilet and eat a bag of crisps.

The final time, in case you’re wondering, was 12:09:15. That’s an improvement of 21 minutes on the last record.His wife even made him a finish line out of bog roll to mark the end of his quest.He continued: “There were a few spots in there where physically you feel fine, but me-ntally you just want to get off that machine so badly.

“It’s a beautiful machine, but 12 hours of anything is a lot.”You’re damn right there, Zach.

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