Man Jumps in Zoo Bear Enclosure, Tries Drowning Animal – VIDEO

A dru-nk man br-oke into a bear’s enclosure at a zoo and then tried to drown her in front of ho-rrified families.The 23-year-old was filmed trying to sho-ve Sabina’s head underwater as they tu-ssled at Warsaw zoo in Poland, after it had lifted its lockdown.He is now facing pros-ecution for his att-ack on the elderly bear who was saved from a circus.

Footage shows the man standing in the enclosure as the cur-ious bear pr-owls towards him.But he when suddenly notices her, the te-rrified man jumps into the moat separating the enclosure from the public area.As he flounders around in the water and swims to the other end of the moat, Sabina walks around above before also getting into the water.

The man gra-pples with the bear and he can be seen fo-rcing her head under water.Zoo spokesman Ann Karczewska said the man was lucky that it was only Sabina who was in the enclosure.

Stre-ssed bear

Sabina “although in good shape for her age, is not such an efficient bear” and the man “would have much less chance of undergoing this event without serious inj-ury” if one of the others had been there.

“Sabina, an old bear who was att-acked by an adult man, phy-sically came out of this event unsca-thed, but she is very stre-ssed,” said Karczewska.

“She used to belong to a circus and is accustomed to the presence of people, but she absolutely did not expect a human att-ack.“After the event, she sat in the water gro-wling nervously until her carers came to look after her.”

The zoo said in statement it “will take all legal steps related to this event to bring the perp-etrator to justice” because “the animal was exposed to da-nger and her psychological comfort was disturbed”.

The man was taken to a police station by fi-re fi-ghters who fished him out of the water.Sabina was also att-acked in 2015 when a 32-year-old climbed into the enclosure in 2015 and pu-nched her in the head after the she tried to b-ite him in an effort to protect herself.The man escaped but was later found in hospital with c-uts to his hands where he was fi-ned £170.

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