Instagram Model Exposed Posts That Reveal How Much The Model Changes Her Appearance Online And The Results Will Sho-ck You

A popular Instagram account has expo-sed the clever tricks used by model Tammy Hembrow to achieve her flawless look online.On Wednesday, CelebFace uploaded two images of the 26-year-old model posing on the beach in a blue bik-ini.

On the left was the picture-perfect sh-ot uploaded by Tammy to Instagram, while on the right was a screeng-rab from a video taken at the same time. In the candid gr-ab, Tammy’s arms, waist and stomach appear quite different than they do in the posed photograph.

The difference in appearance seems to be a result of the way Tammy’s body is angled towards the camera, as well as her pose.The post was captioned: ‘The power of good posing and good angles [shrug emoji]’.

While Tammy has previously admitted to airbrushing some of her photos before posting them to Instagram, she insists she never edits her body.Speaking on her Hanging With The Hembrows podcast last November, Tammy said: ‘The only thing I do is whiten my eyes a tiny bit, and then sometimes some smoothing if the skin is breaking out.

‘I feel like a lot of people use it. I do not go crazy with Facetune. There are people who edit their whole body and change so much.’

Tammy clarified that she only ever uses FaceTune on her face and doesn’t edit her figure, which she insists is completely natural.

‘Oh my gosh, it’s so annoying to me, when I get people commenting like ‘Photoshop fa-il,” she lame-nted.In July last year, an Australian tourist shared an unairbrushed photo to Instagram of himself posing with Tammy at a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia.

The fan’s photo was taken just minutes after Tammy uploaded her own snap, in which she looks far more tanned and polished.

In her post, Tammy flaunted her derrière in a pair of denim h-otpants while arching her back and turning her shoulders to achieve a more flattering angle.Meanwhile, the fan’s photograph showed her with broader-looking shoulders, a paler skin tone and a less smooth complexion.

In May last year, Tammy was acc-used of editing a photo of herself pe-rched on the side of her swimming pool after fans noticed several warped tiles in the background.

In the same month, Tammy was also acc-used of editing a photo of herself posing on a balcony, after fans noticed the roof a truck was suspi-ciously warped in the background.However, Tammy has since bl-amed the balcony’s ‘plasticky glass’ for creating an optical illusion.

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