A Black Man Wrote A Letter On BLM Movement With A Heart-touching Message

In the aftermath of the George Floyd incident, everyone seems to want to have a conversation about ra-ce in America.Just recently, presumptive Dem-ocrat presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, asserted that if you couldn’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump, “you ain’t bl-ack.”

So, let me clarify something: I was born in February 1961 in a “Bla-cks only” hospital, Hughes Spalding, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was raised by a proud Bl-ack man, Herman West Sr. and woman, Elizabeth Thomas West in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in Atlanta. My Mom and Dad are bu-ried, together, in Marietta National Cemetery because of their service to our Nation.

The Old Fourth Ward is the same neighborhood that produced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and where the American civil rights movement ema-nated, “Sweet Auburn Avenue.”

There is a high possibility that I have forgotten more bl-ack history than some may ever learn — or certainly know. I just authored a book titled, “We Can Overcome, An American Bla-ck Conservative Manifesto.”

I do not need to “qualify” my being Bl-ack based upon some pre-determined ideological agenda. I was raised to believe that I was an individual who could think and believe as I determined. I was taught that America is a place where regardless of where you were born, where you came from, there was an equality of opportunity.

That equality of opportunity has enabled me to attain immense success for myself and set the conditions for the success of my two daughters. My wife Angela, an accomplished former marketing professor and financial adviser, and I now teach our daughters about the peri-ls of equality of outcomes, and those who cleverly di-sguise that intent within the cri-es of social justice.

With this being stated, I am tired of our Nation cowering, appe-asing, acqui-escing, and surr-endering to this abs-urd organization calling itself Bla-ck Lives Matter (BLM). There is nothing true or sincere about this ideologically aligned progressive socialist, cultural Marxist organization.

BLM is just another leftist organization created by the same ilk of progressive socialists who created the NAACP.When one reviews the goals and objectives of BLM, they have nothing to do with the real issues facing the Bla-ck community in America. The focus of BLM is to cleverly advance the leftist ideological agenda under the gu-ise of a wi-tty name that fo-rces people into gu-ilt, sha-me.

I do not need any white person in America to kneel before me, apologies, wash my feet, or as the insi-dious comment of Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathay, shine my shoes. I did a do-ggone good job of shining my own boots during my career in the US Army — that was my individual responsibility, in which I took great pride.

I am tired of these businesses and corporations being shaken down by BLM to the tune of some $464M, $50M right here in my home of Texas. Why?

Bl-ack Lives Matter does not support the cri-tical civil rights issue of this day. The major civil rights issue in America today is educational freedom. How many young bla-ck kids are rele-gated to failing public schools in fa-iling neighborhoods? Where does BLM stand on that issue? They stand with the progressive socialist left and the teachers unions. Ask yourself, has BLM ever conde-mned the action of Barack Obama in April 2009 to cancel the DC school voucher program?

Yesterday was Father’s Day. How many young bla-ck kids are growing up without a father in the house, a strong positive role model, like my Dad, US Army Corporal Herman West Sr.? The policies of the progressive socialist left deci-mated the traditional two parent household in the bl-ack community. What does BLM say about the traditional, nuclear, two parent (man and woman) household? They say that is a tool of white supremacy.

If there is to be a conversation about the rule of law in America and the bla-ck community, let’s have that honest conversation. However, BLM wants us to believe that there is some focused, dedicated, intentional gen-ocide being ena-cted aga-inst the Bl-ack community by law enfo-rcement.

In 2019, there were a total of nine white law enfo-rcement officer sho-otings of unarmed bla-ck men. Yet, how many bl-acks have taken to the streets to k-ill other bla-cks? And where is the outr-age from BLM?

But, even wo-rse, since 1973 there have been over 20 million unborn bla-ck babies mu-rdered in the wo-mbs of Bla-ck mothers. The organization mostly responsible for the industry of mu-rdering unborn babies is Planned Parenthood.Planned Parenthood was founded by a known white supremacist, rac!st, a woman who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies — Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood has over 70 percent of their “clinics” located in bl-ack communities across America.

I have never heard Bl-ack Lives Matter speak up, speak out, or speak aga-inst Planned Parenthood. Why? Simple, the white progressive socialist masters who fund, resource, and enable Bl-ack Lives Matter don’t give a da-rn about the lives of Bl-ack children.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. Bla-ck Lives Matter is an oxym-oronic and di-singenuous organization.As a proud American Bla-ck Man, I find Bla-ck Lives Matter an offe-nsive and conde-scending organization whose hypocr-isy is bl-atantly evident. Yet, thanks to the lucr-ative support of the white progressive socialist collective eli-tists, it survives, and extorts financial support from the useful id-iots in our corporate structure.

All lives matter, but this rad-ical organization, Bla-ck Lives Matter, is the ultimate Trojan Horse. The consistent purv-eyors of systemic rac!sm in America is the Dem-ocrat Party. They have smartly dev-ised this organization to enable their ends, the prolif-eration of the 21st century economic plantation. Bl-ack Lives Matter serves as overseers on this plantation, st-oking the irrational emotionalism and an-gst to support their agenda, their purpose.What is the purpose? Simple. The new plantation of the left is not about producing cotton. It is about creating vi-ctims who will be dependent, and produce the new crop — votes.

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