Model Emily Sears Revealed That She Underwent Life-Saving Brain Su-rgery

Australian Instagram model Emily Sears revealed to fans she has been dealing with a serious medical incident over the past year that resulted in life-saving brain su-rgery.35-year-old Sears made the announcement Monday afternoon, and explained that the past year of her life on Instagram wasn’t all that it seemed.

“I’ve delayed posting this because I don’t even know where to begin. The past year of my life is so hard to put into words,” the model announced to her near 5 million followers.

‘I Had Brain Su-rgery!’Sears shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed at the UCLA Neurosu-rgery facility in Los Angeles.”So, last Thursday, I had brain su-rgery!” she proclai-med.Sears went on to detail the chain of events that ended with her going under the kn-ife.

“n April last year, I suddenly woke up in an ambulance being taken to hospital after having a major se-izure while shopping. After a few days of tests, I was verified as having a cave-rnous malf-ormation, otherwise known as a cav-ernoma, which is a clu-ster of abno-rmal blo-od vessels in the brain which ca-use epi-leptic sei-zures.”

The Decision for Su-rgery – Sears told fans that choosing to have the su-rgery wasn’t easy, but in the end she felt it was the best to ensure she had the quality of life she wanted.

“I chose to have this su-rgery because my choices came down to living on medication for the rest of my life, always living with the likelihood of having bre-akthrough se-izures even while medicated-or going ahead with the cra-niotomy su-rgery. Because the cav-ernoma was located in the front left te-mporal lobe, I ri-sked losing my ability to speak as that is the speech function area of the human brain.”

Awake The Entire Time – As many people would only have nightmares about going under brain su-rgery while still awake, Sears says it was the only way for doctors to make sure they weren’t ca-using any permanent da-mage by operating on sensitive parts of her brain.

“I was awake while they operated as I needed to be able to speak to make sure they didn’t remove any vital ti-ssue along with the blo-od vessels. I remember every moment of being awake, there was 2 su-rgeons and one waved at was as strange and surreal as it sounds!”

IG Is Not Reality – Sears wrote that she is well on the road to recovery, and is thanking all involved who supported her over the past difficult year.

“I have a deepened respect for the human body, the human mind and the human soul. I am humbly grateful for the ability to access healthcare, for the fact that my condition had a cure and for the support of my friends, family, industry pe-ers and for my incredible man who has stu-ck by me the whole time.”

She also made sure to drop a note to fans about not believing everything they see on Instagram, as the popular model has been regular posting new content over the past year and one would never have known she was dealing with a life-thr-eatening medical scare.”I want to remind everyone that IG is never the whole picture of our lives; you don’t know what people are going through – so always be kind.”Hear! Hear! And get well soon.

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