D.L. Hughley Accepted That He Spread Covid-19 To His Family And Everyone At His Radio Show – VIDEO

DL Hughley revealed that he infected multiple people with COVID-19 while recording an episode of his radio show.The 57-year-old comedian was verified after fai-nting on stage in Nashville last month – but had taped his radio show just three days before the incident.

In a new interview with TMZ he called himself ‘a regular Typh-oid Mary’ who spread the dise-ase to others including his son Kyle, 32.As far as his own health is concerned he shared that ‘I feel good. Matter of fact, I’m in my last days of quarantine. The COVID wasn’t what – you know, obviously I’d been dehydrated, obviously I’d been exha-usted.So the COVID kinda just put everything in hype-rdrive. But it was – I’m definitely going to have to work a little different.’

DL stated: ‘I didn’t have any symptoms as a matter of fact. But what happened was, I had been in Dallas. A week before, I had done a bunch of shows in Dallas, which is interesting.’

He explained that ‘in California everything is on lockdown, so I knew that if I wanted to perform I had to go to a state where the government of that state didn’t give a damn about their people.’DL’s theory is that he picked up the dise-ase in Dallas ‘because I got back that Monday. That Tuesday I’d gone to, you know, do the radio show. And then I did the TV show on Wednesday and then I flew out to the thing in Nashville.’

His engagement at Zanies comedy club in Nashville began that Thursday, and that Friday night he passed out in the middle of his set.’But everybody who I came in contact with that Tuesday at the radio show tested positive.Everybody. My son, my co-host, my other co- all of them,’ he said.

However he did manage to avoid passing the dise-ase onto ‘my daughter who had a mask the whole time. So that was most likely when it happened.’

DL, who co-hosts his syndicated radio show with Jasmine Sanders, then compared himself to the historical figure known as Typhoid Mary.Mary Mallon was an Irishwoman who immigrated to United States in the late 19th century and became the first known asy-mptomatic typh-oid carrier in the country.

She wou-nd up spreading the il-lness to more than 50 people and was ultimately repeatedly quarantined agai-nst her will by the authorities.D.L. Hughley passed out onstage at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee around 11 p.m. on Friday, June 19.

Both a f-ire truck and an ambulance arrived at the scene where the 57-year-old comic was put on a gurney and taken to the hospital, TMZ reported.In a video obtained by TMZ he could be seen going fai-nt during his set, whereupon his security guard ru-shed to the stage and caught him as he fell.

DL joked in his new interview that ‘Derrick, my security guard is a great security dude but a ho-rrible short stop I see.’He shared: ‘I have like no fe-ver, no co-ugh, no tro-uble breathing. Like I’ve been running four miles, five miles a day everyday since it happ- since about a week now. So I’m feeling great. But it does, it did make me feel ho-rrible to know that not knowing, I potentially jeopa-rdized so many people.’

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