People Called This Girl F-at On Social Media Then Her Boyfriend Gave A Solid Reply To Them

Tre Booker and Madison is an adorable couple who are giving us serious couple goals! They became popular when they attended their school prom and they got clicked a few times before they headed to the dance floor and she shared one of these photos on Twitter.

However, Twitterati was not kind enough with their comments on the photo she shared. One of the Twitter users with the name at BeSafeThough commented ‘Wow he loves you even tho you’re f-at’. She was polite enough to reply saying that ‘Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know’.Following this, there have been multiple people coming out in her support and there were multiple people supporting the couple. However, the best response was by the boyfriend himself. Read below:

It all started when this couple attended their school prom.It’s that time of year again folks—prom season is in full swi-ng.If you haven’t learned the hard way already, Friday and Saturday night dinners at places like Maggiano’s or Cheesecake Factory should be put on the back-bu-rner for the foreseeable future as mobs of high schoolers take over the restaurants.

Prom really is one of the most memorable times of anyone’s high school career. So it’s a bu-mmer that one teen was fa-t-sha-med after posting her prom photos to social media.

Madison was beyond excited to go to the dance with her boyfriend, Tre, whom she calls the love of her life.The couple looked like a million bucks, as Madison rocked a sparkly pink gown, and Tre sported the accents to match.Not to mention, he looked like he couldn’t be more impressed by his date.

The night was going to be perfect, until a stranger decided to put her words where they didn’t belong—retweeting Madison’s photo saying, “Wow, he loves you even tho you’re f-at.”

As if she didn’t already know, Madison’s got herself a good man by her side.Tre joined the Twitter conversation saying, “Your not f-at baby. God made you just for me. You are perfect.”Tre’s power-packed response has since ign-ited a viral storm of praise for the young man who makes his lady feel beautiful in her own skin—even though she’s not the model-industry standard, size 0.

He later added, “Everyone is beautiful. God made us in his image, he makes no mistakes.”“Put on your new self, having been created according to God in righteousness, holiness, and truth.” Ephesians 4:24.

Bullies have a way of making this world sour. It’s refreshing to see young people taking a stand agai-nst what isn’t True, and taking care of one another.

Despite the weird remarks, Madison and Tre had an awesome prom night.Not even Satan’s schemes could keep them down.

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