Viral Video Of Two Strangers Who Shared A Beautiful Moment In Song At The Walmart Supercenter

Who isn’t a fan of a little impromptu ser-enading?A crowd gathered at the Walmart Supercenter in Alpharetta, Georgia, and witnessed two strangers share a beautiful moment in song.Cassandra Turner Nelson had been walking along the ai-sles while hu-mming when fe-llow shopper Donnell Cross noticed her.

He stops the woman and the two briefly chat before he asks her is she knows ‘If This World Were Mine’ by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn.Nelson confirms that she does and Cross bu-sts out into a soulful rendition of the song.A few people begin to take notice of the spectacle as Nelson watches with amazement at Cross singing.

She soon joins in, har-monizing the chorus with Cross. Their voices project and they soon fill the ai-sles.Nelson soon takes the reigns and delivers her own heartfelt verse filled with amazing runs. Cross exclai-ms his approval as the woman cro-ons.

The pair cre-scendo as they reach the bridge, with Nelson unaware of the crowd that’s building behind her.One bold customer even makes her way halfway down the ai-sle so she can better film the spectacle.

The two continue singing and building their energy as the crowd watches, with Nelson getting the last note before the crowd erupts into a thu-nderous appla-use.Nelson and Cross share a warm hug and finally introduce themselves to each other, happy with the marvelous performance that they just put on.

On Facebook, Nelson shared that the video was filmed last year in March but has recently been making its waves across social media. She told that when Cross first approached her, she was skeptical about what he wanted, adding that she doesn’t deal with a lot of people.

She gave him even more side eye once he suggested that they sing together. ‘I was thinking ‘is he finna challenge me’ because if he was then I was coming for him,’ she stated with a laugh.

Nelson shared that she was nervous about the attention they were getting while singing, noting that the Walmart they were in was in an affl-uent sub-urb of Atlanta.’I wondered “are the police going to come get us”,’ she said.’Then the crowd came around and they were smiling and then we were like we can do this.’

The 51-year-old shared that she had been singing since she was two-year-old, even singing a solo at the age of four for her father – go-spel music singer and pre-acher Norris Turner.Nelson even sang background for a few go-spel acts and sang internationally at a convention in Sweden. She works as a worker’s comp adjuster when she is not singing.

The mother-of three shared that she and Cross never spoke again following the moment, only recently catching up after the video went viral. She’s amazed by all the love and support she’s received, thankful to all the celebrities who have noticed – rapper Common even shared the duet.

Her social following has skyro-cketed since the video’s circulation. She shared that she has received thousands of new followers on Instagram and has had to tap her daughters to help her with all the increased attention.Nelson hopes that the video will inspire musicians to bring R&B back.

‘We can do this, bring R&B back. R&B go-spel,’ she excla-imed. ‘If you listen to music these days its not real.’She continued: ‘He (Cross) could really sing. It makes me sing even harder. Bring that R&B flavor back.Let’s go get this music.’

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