Ciara Has Spoken About Experience With Pregnancy During Covid-19 And Feels She Has To Be Really Cautious – VIDEO

It’s challenging enough to be pregnant. Your body goes through so many changes and your emotions may be all over the place. But for those who are pregnant during the novel Covid-19 pand-emic, the str-ess and worry go up several no-tches.Singer/actress Ciara is one of those women.

She’s set to have her third child, a boy, this summer and has been showing off her baby bu-mp from a sunny, undi-sclosed location that looks like a resort. It is likely the home she and star NFL quarterback Russell Wilson share when they’re not in Seattle.The celebrity couple already has 3-year-old daughter Sienna as well as Future, Ciara’s 6-year-old son with platinum-selling rapper Future. She and Wilson are expecting another boy as they shared in a predictably gorgeous gender reveal.

Despite the beautiful pics, Ciara told British Vogue that is has been a challenge expecting during the pande-mic.

“Can babies get Covid-19 through the ute-rus? It’s a big mystery, and we’re some of the most vulne-rable beings.Our immune systems are compr-omised because we can’t take medicine if we get si-ck in case it affe-cts the baby. If I get i-ll, I have to let it pass through my body.”

Another challenge is that the medical profession has limited visitors to hospitals and even with private doctors.In an abu-ndance of ca-ution, Ciara now goes into her doctor’s office alone while Wilson waits outside. She detailed the strangeness of a check-up on her Instagram page.

“I wanted to be really ca-utious,” she told British Vogue. “I had a little z-iplock bag of gloves for the appointment and then I had my mask. When I went from one room to the other, I switched to a new pair of gloves.When the image of the baby came on the screen, I FaceTimed Russ in the car so that he could see. We women carry the baby, but for my husband, being in the room and listening to the heartbe-at in real time is one of his ways of connecting. For him not to be part of that was a symbol of this time that we’re living through.”

Ciara says that overall though, she feels blessed. Although the NFL football season may or may not be played and cases of COvID-19 are su-rging in California, she’s able to be in an env-iable quarantine bubble with her husband and children and she recognizes how fortunate she is.

The 34-year-old says her “not normal” lifestyle now is very different from growing up as a military br-at all over the country. So although her kids are privileged, the self-described “daddy’s girl” says Future has a ch-ore list and two great examples in her husband and her father. So her baby boy is coming into a solid household.

“The simplest things in a child’s life can have the biggest impa-ct on who they become, and we take a lot of pride in that,” she says.

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