Legend Mike Tyson Shows Off His Sensational Workout To Maintain His Physique At 54 – VIDEO

What year is it? Mike Tyson is just as ri-pped and tough as he was in his boxing prime. He was photographed during what looked like a gru-eling beach workout in LA this week — the same week he celebrated his 54th birthday!They don’t call him “Iron” for nothing.

Mike Tyson was spotted presu-mably working out with a steel cage at an LA beach this week. Yes, a steel cage. The former professional bo-xer, who turned 54 on June 30, bared his many tattoos and rock-solid abs for the outdoor sweat session.

Tyson, who appeared to have on a weighted vest, sported a fully grown salt and pepper beard. His hands were wrapped in the white tape as if he was about to hop in the ring with his old ri-val Evander Holyfield. And, that wouldn’t have been the craziest thing to happen, as Tyson noted in May that he’d consider a rematch with Holyfield — for charity.

Tyson was seen flipping the massive steel cage across the sand in a separate video obtained by TMZ. He appeared to be filming some sort of project, as cameramen and a crew (all of which wore masks) surrounded him on the beach. He was also seen carrying buckets of fish, tossing life rafts in the sand, and wearing sno-rkeling equipment.

Tyson competed from 1985 to 2005 and was the undi-sputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990. He is also starring in an upcoming movie about his life, Finding Mike, with actor and singer Jamie Foxx set to play him.

Back in June, the Oscar winner, 52, gave an update on the process of transforming his body to portray the bo-xing legend. Jamie shared a series of shi-rtless snaps of his buff bod looking very muscular as the biopic was heading into pre-production.

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