Americans Are Thre-atening To Leave The US If Kim Kardashian Becomes First Lady – VIDEO

The thought of Kim Kardashian becoming First Lady is ca-using many people to lose their damn minds on social media.Over the weekend, Kanye West took to Twitter to clai-m he was throwing his name in the ring for the Presidential election.

He told his fans, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision, and building our future. I am running for president of the United States Flag of United States! #2020VISION.”

Kim’s only response to her husband was leaving an American flag emoji in the comments. Instead, Kim has decided to use the press to get back to selling her products.

Many people were in their feelings when having to think about Kim being the First Lady. One wrote, “kanye west is running for president….which could make kim kardashian the first lady…i want OUT of this country no joke.”“tellin you right now, i don’t have it in me for kanye to (actually) run for president. nope. the idea of having to cri-tique his policy, analyze coverage whatever f-ckery he’s saying this week. real discussion of kim kardashian becoming first lady. i’m out. i’m out. no, i’m out,” wa-rned another.

“If you guys let KIM KARDASHIAN become the first lady im leaving America #Kanye2020,” said one Twitter user.As The Bla-st previously reported, Kanye’s election run is already being called into question. Many political reports pointed out Kanye already missed important election de-adlines.

Hu-nter Walker, Yahoo News’ White House Correspondent, wrote on Twitter, “By my count, there are at least nine states where it’s already too late for an independent candidate to get on the ba-llot. The states where Kanye is already too late to get on the ba-llot include Texas, New York, and Illinois, three of the top six in terms of electoral college votes. There are several other de-adlines coming up in the next couple of weeks.”

Fans have been roasting Kanye following his announcement. Many believe he is only joining to help his friend President Trump take votes away from Biden in an attempt to help Donald be re-elected.

One person commented, “Y’all know damn well Kanye West ain’t running to take away support from his MAGA buddy, Donald Trump. He’s definitely looking to play Jill Stein 2020 to gr-ab those “Never Biden” voters still in den-ial that they’re helping Trump just because they think their principles mean sh-it.”

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