Kanye West Announced That He’s Running For President, But It’s Too Late For Him To Appear On The Ballot In 6 States

Having finally verified his billionaire status, Kanye West thinks that he cannot be stopped – and that includes his desire of wanting to be the President of the United States. While he may get some support due to his celebrity status, can Kanye actually pu-ll it off? Turns out he’s already too late in a few states, possibly der-ailing his 2020 White House dreams.

On the Fourth of July, Kanye West tweeted that he was running for President, giving it a hashtag of “#2020Vision.”It’s not the first time that West has clai-med to want to run for President, or even di-pped his toe into politics.

He’s previously been one of the few celebrities that has been outspoken in his support of Trump, rocking the music world with his full-thr-oated support of the highly divisive President. He even got much fl-ack for proudly wearing a red, M-A-G-A hat, which has quickly become a new symbol of oppr-ession to many people of color around the United States.

His inserting himself into politics goes back as far as 2005. During the Hu-rricane Katrina di-saster that rocked the US and New Orleans, West famously said in his appearance that President George W. Bush “doesn’t care about Bla-ck people.” In 2015, while accepting MTV’s Video Vanguard Award, he also made a similar declaration after a lengthy, 10 minute, on air rant.

“I don’t know what I’m finna lose after this it don’t matter though because it ain’t about me, it’s about new ideas bro people with ideas people who believe in truth. and yes, as you probably could’ve guessed by this moment I have decided in 2020 to run for president.”

Fast forward to 2020 and the moment seems to be upon us, in some format.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” Kanye’s tweet has already acc-umulated over 1 million likes and 500K retweets. Though the support doesn’t seem to be astronomical as of yet, he does have the backing of a few key people it seems.

Wife Kim Kardashian-West, herself having waded into politics during 45’s presidency, seems to support her husband’s wishes. She retweeted her husband’s announcement, adding a US flag emoji. Most notably, she successfully lobbied the president in 2018 to commute the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, who had been serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole for her involvement in first-time, nonvi-olent dr-ug cr-imes in 1996.

West also apparently has the support of his good friend Elon Musk, who tweeted “You have my full support!”

With the election being 4 months away however, many are unsure if Kanye can even technically run, much less give him their support, during a highly divided time in American politics. According to a political website Ballotpedia, West has already missed the de-adline to register as an independent presidential candidate in North Carolina, Texas, New York, Maine, New Mexico, and Indiana. The site also indicates it’s not too late for West to appear in most states, but Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Vi-rginia have July de-adlines.

Lastly, Kanye also hasn’t registered with the Fe-deral Election Commission, though it doesn’t have a de-adline.

President Kanye West and First Lady Kim Kardashian-West may be a possibility in the future, even if it’s too late for 2020. Maybe 2024 would be a more realistic goal. Maybe this is all album promo for the upcoming release God’s Country.No doubt it’ll be a grand announcement, coming from Kanye West.

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