Terry Crews Once Again Defe-nds His Statement Of ‘Uniting With Good People, No Matter The Ra-ce’

Actor Terry Crews continues to speak out agai-nst the continued rac-ial tensions across the country by reminding everyone that no ra-ce of people is better than another.Over the Fourth of July weekend, Crews tweeted that people of all ra-ces are gu-ilty of sin but he has chosen to “unite with good people, no matter the ra-ce, cre-ed or ideology.”

The actor has been under the social media microscope for nearly a month now after sharing several of his comments about equality and justice.On June 30, Crews warned Bla-ck Lives Matter ac-tivists agai-nst turning the movement into “bl-ack lives are better.”

“If you are a child of God,” wrote the “America’s Got Talent” host, “you are a brother and sister. I have family of every ra-ce, cre-ed, and ideology. We must ensure #Bl-ackLivesMatter doesn’t mo-rph into #Bl-ackLivesBetter.”And on June 7, the 51-year-old insisted that we don’t need to be in a ra-ce w-ar after tweeting, “Defe-ating White supr-emacy without White people creates Bla-ck supr-emacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Crews’ comments have drawn cri-ticism and support.

Twitter user Benjamin Dixon said, “Terry, all this does is reveal to the world that you’ve spent the majority of your life not conte-mplating anything and you’ve had your first epi-phany. Sadly for you, it was a false epi-phany.You’ve decided to di-e on the hill of a false ep-iphany, and so let it be.”

Another follower wrote, “I can’t support you anymore with every tweet its like you just st-ab my heart. I’d think you’d stand for minorities and your bla-ck brothers/sisters but you just keep saying these undermining opinions like our pa-in means nothing.”

But former NFL star and author Burgess Owens agreed with Crews, tweeting, “Thank you Terry. It’s abs-urd we live in a day where this even needs to be said.”

Twitter user David Jacobs wrote that it may take a while, “but love always wins in the end.”Another follower tweeted, “It’s sad that you are in this situation. I pray for healing in this nation, however, I fear it has reached a point of no return. Thank you, sir, for taking your stand.”

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