4 Year Kid Join School Drumline Performance Who Simply Loves Playing On His Little Toy Drum- Video

High school football games are a big deal in small towns throughout America. They are a time for the comm-unity to get together and ch*er on their beloved football team and enjoy each other’s company. One of the highlights from every football game is the marching band. One little boy, Seneca Whitehead, who was 4 at the time, wowed the crowd with his impressive drumming skills at a local high school football game in Georgia in 2019.


Seneca was at the game with his mother, Tabithia Wilcox, who was filming as the little boy joined the marching band’s drumline. Seneca dru-mmed his little heart out and did an impressive job keeping up with the band. Standing next to all of the high school students, the boy looked like a miniature version of the band members, or like the little drummer boy. With a blue ribbon pinned to his shirt that reads “I am the future,” Seneca played the drum like a champion and had a smile on his face the entire time.

 width=He looked so proud to be standing next to the older kids and performing for the large crowd. It’s impressive that such a young boy didn’t appear to be nervous in front of so many people. Tabithia posted the video of her son to Facebook, where it was viewed by over 7 million people. This gained the attention of fans from all over the world, and soon the family was invited on ABC’s “Strahan, Sara & Keke.” Seneca performed again for the audience of the show and was surprised later in the episode with his very own drum set.


Seneca didn’t start out his day expecting to be the center of attention. He was just drumming with his mother on the si*elin-es of the game when he was noticed by a member of the crowd. “One of the parents saw him with the drum and she was like, ‘Oh, he’s so cute, can he join the drumline?’ I was like, ‘OK,'” Tabithia said on “Strahan, Sara & Keke.” The little boy quickly st*le the show with his impressively fast drumming and adorable smiles. It turns out that he pi-cked up the skill while at home. Tabithia shared, “It’s awesome.


He has an older brother who drums. He just picked it up from him, I guess.” Fans at the game and online couldn’t get enough of the precious performance. The video was repos-ted to YouTube where it has received over a thousand comments from viewers who were impr-essed by Seneca’s skills. “Look at him go. Innocent kid having fun, that’s what it’s all about,” wrote one commenter. One person, who is an experienced drummer, clai*ed that Seneca could have a future with the instrument.

They wrote, “As a drummer of 25 years I can tell he has an inherent talent of feel and timing that you cannot really teach and once he grows up and harnesses those talents he was born with … he is gonna be a fantastic drummer on that drum set.” Other commenters had more words of enco-uragem-ent for the young boy. One comment reads, “Keep it up young man. My son started on the same drum and now he has 6 colleges wanting him. He’s just in the 9th grade.”